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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 3/20/2005 12:23:00 PM ----- BODY: Update: Images are now posted here on Image Station.

Still working on picture posting issues with Blogger and Hello in which quite a few other people are having also. Greyhawk has an excellent round up and some links I missed this morning from Fayetteville Online and protest coverage that didn't make the front page of local news. Local news gave only a few sentences to the counterdemonstrators. WRAL, WNCN and WTVD were all pathetic using the canned AP filed report. It's hard to believe all 3 major outlets in Raleigh NC used the same AP report as the only source of what happened yesterday.

The counterdemonstrators were a very good group who traveled from a far to show their support for the troops and the dislike of the anti-war crowd. See my earlier post for an on the ground write up of the days events. --------
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