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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 3/09/2005 04:07:00 PM ----- BODY: Much has happened the past 5 days with this story and the amount of information that has come out has been mostly spun by IL Manifesto the communist newspaper and from the newly released hostage herself with many contradicting statements. The photos of the car/truck that was fired at with "300-400" rounds has been found and from a first glance the hit rate was less than 0.05% on the car.

My earlier post I tried to give the impression and sincerity over the death Nicola Calipari when this was first reported Friday afternoon and Friday night and that still stands. Nobody wants to loose anyone to friendly fire or a good agent in the field. I'm sure he knew the risk as he had done this kind of op before.

This whole episode reeks of a flim-flam from her abduction to the tape of her recording to the Italian President and people for the withdrawl of Italian troops from Iraq, to her release whether with a ransom paid or not to the death of the Italian agent during the rescue.

I played the conspiratorist on one message board and wondered where the money went:

1. Iraqi insurgents
2. War profiteer
3. Foreign Terrorist
4. Local Criminals out for a buck
5. None of the above.

I'm still going with number 5. None of the above. Why? They would be killing multiple birds with one stone with the withdrawl of Italian troops, exposure for the communist newspaper and movement, show that journalist are in deed "targeted" by the US military and make the US look bad, make some money and write a book and live happily ever after. Now the death of the Italian agent did not fall into "their" plan but it did come out because of the abduction/ransom/release and it is what made the story. Other blogs have called this "catch and release" and I tend to agree.

However, I'm taking this story a step further with number 5 above and say that somehow Silvio Berlusconi's opposition in Italy ends up with the money along with a slice for the kidnappers in Iraq, whoever they are. It's a stretch I know but it would round out this whole story if you were writing a 21st century espionage novel that is and this would close out the loop on this one quite well and with a rather dramatic ending I might add. --------
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