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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 3/14/2005 04:59:00 PM ----- BODY: If in the future if you buy another All in One printer/fax/copy/camera combo that connects to your personal computer using a USB connection please ensure you RTFM first for any gotchas.

End of note.

A total of 24 man hours consumed/wasted/learned doing what I know best, geek stuff, to figure out that somehow Saturday morning that either my week old All in One printer combo somehow either died suddenly or my computer. The task at hand to figure it out and fix it as my better half was enjoying the scanning of old pictures and making them digital to save until time ends, that's a good thing.

What I learned from this is yet again is a lesson to understand it is advisable to never never never never never to trust Windoz to tell you the truth. Why? Well because the printer software or Windoz was lieing saying all was ok and it was not. In all my years working with DOS, starting I might add back in early 1982, and all versions of Windoz, NT, ME and XP, UNIX servers etc., is that they(computers) at this point in time 2005 should be smarter than we are and tell us what the problem is and how to fix.

You see this all comes down to my 6 on board USB ports and they all were reporting ok, printer was reporting ok, but during the final step of the two where they marry and live happily ever after neither wanted to consummate. All they both did really was: Hang. Sit there. Lie. Fail but not fail.

Well, what to do? Reinstall. Uninstall. Reinstall. Uninstall. Both the USB's and the printer software to no avail. How could this be? The initial install a week ago was painless, no tweaking, no errors all went perfect. What could it be?

Let's skip the technical support website and interactive chat as that would be a whole another post by itself. Let's just skip to what we did and back running.

By another cable and another 2 port USB PCI card to install. Tried cable first and all looked well it's gonna work, thinking that somehow the cable which was new went bad or got zapped(best technial term I could come up with) during the first week, possible, but nope back to square one.
Doubt myself again and dig and dig in Event Viewer for anything, nothing there. Last hope would be to install the new 2 port USB card and prove either 1) all 6 ports went bad or 2) the software. Earlier in the saga I proved the printer was still good by directly downloading a test picture directly to the printer via the USB cable and digital camera thus proving that still good and limiting the problem to the software or PC.

That installation of the new 2 port USB card, value $32 dollars, saved me probably hundreds of dollars and down time on our main family PC, all because Windoz lied. The problem was the on board 6 USB ports and that new 2 port USB card got me back and running.

Post mortem: turning off the PC and not turning off the printer and turning the PC back on while the printer was still on somehow smoked all the onboard USB ports. Windoz lied I wasted time. --------
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