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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 3/19/2005 08:23:00 PM ----- BODY: I love the smell of glue, duct tape and paint in the morning. A very good turnout of about 100 anti-protestors turned out today at the Rowan Street Anti-War protest today in Fayetteville, NC. The anti-war crowd drew in about 3000 according to one local station, other local coverage here and here but my guesstimate put the crowd about 1500-2000. The anti-war crowd was made of up the young misguided college set, the over the hill hippies, the handful of anarchist and some common folk who came along for the ride.

The good guys came from Free Republic, Rolling Thunder and Protest Warriors and some concerned veterans like myself. Vietnam Vets and Gulf War I Vets and other veterans and their families and families of some active duty spoke at the counter demonstration. If you were keeping score and decided that score on the number of American flags the two groups had the anti-protestors won hands down and the pictures below will prove this with out a doubt. I had two flags sticking out of my backpack and from the vast crowd of anti-war protestors I only counted two American flags. So one person was able to neutralized a whole crowd of barking, ranting, and the disrespectful anti-everything people.

There was one arrest from a Duke Univserity student who was to be a speaker named Rann Bar-On, hmm Duke again why does that university keep giving us grief locally. Sounds like we need an update over at Discover the Nework.

I listened to some of the anti-war protestors speeches over our crowd and one or two things struck me as a bit subversive at best. One comment made by a anti-war protestor was that "we need the troops here at home" not just bring the troops home but "we need the troops here at home". What was we trying to say? Did I hear it out of context? Only part of it? The main thing is that it did jump out at me as an attempt to plant a seed in the audience. What the intent of that seed was I don't know and I can only speculate. The other thing that jumped out at me was when one of the lady speakers was done she says" all of you flying back to New York tonight..." meet over there or something along those line.

It's not enough that a good percentage of these people are on the wrong side of the fight and war here at home and abroad is that these out of town blue county progessives come into our backyard and spread their filth of lies and undermining the war effort. They are here in the home town of our military families who need both of our support no matter what, but if they want to protest they should protest in Washington DC. and not here in Fayetteville.

A controversial banner was put up in the American Zone directed at Code Pink and it's leader Medea Benjamin who was there at the rally today. This is the same group who gave huge money to the other side fighting our men and women in Iraq. It became apparent that she was there today, when she walked up to the hill where the anti-protestors were and only came about 5o ft from the group before she turned back in the face of truth and opposition. The blowhorn was blaring at her and shouting at her and her group and she didn't like that very much when she got called out on it in front of her supporters. The other special guest I did not know was there today was Nick Berg's father Michael Berg and there is only so much I can say about this man and so I won't.

This is rush post and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.
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