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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 3/14/2005 05:07:00 PM ----- BODY: Well neither did most of the US if you only use the boob tube for you news. It was all about that pro Damascus government and the lack of the full withdrawal of all Syrian forces and intelligence services from Lebanon and the pro Freedom, democracy and independence protesters who were not trucked/bused in and they had the BIGGEST pro democracy ever in the middle east.

They were marking the one month assassination of Rafiq Hariri which has sparked this nationalist movement and attempt to rid their country from the dogs of the Syrian Bathist operatives.

There are plenty pictures abound on most of the popular blogs so I wont post here but what I will say is this: these pictures are raining down from the heavens to all the homes of the middle east with a satellite dish or has access to international news or the internet and that my friends is priceless. --------
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