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1. Google's obvious bias towards some mainstream blogs.
2. Google's preferreed stance of looking the other way for some and hindering others for their "right" to free speech also.
3. It would not be right to continue this blog here at this location in light of one and two above.

Hopefully, I will pop somewhere else soon in the blogosphere and will continue to blog and excercise my right to free speech and not support those through use of their tools or adds or email or through name brand recoginition to promote their brand.

I intend to leave this blog up as a reminder for me and for those who will come after and for the sake of archival of the few short posts I have written in 3 months and to support those of whom I intended to help in my own way.

PS: Their adds are gone and their search engine gone also. -------- (0) comments Protest Warrior Posted by Hello

Code Pink MOAB Posted by Hello

WoodStock over there----> Posted by Hello

"8 Million Iraqi's gave Saddam the finger!" Posted by Hello

The good guys of Free Republic, Rolling Thunder, Protest Warriors, Veitnam Veterans, Veterans, Families and Families of Veterans. Posted by Hello

The kids have the Spirit of America also. Posted by Hello

Who's watching who more? Posted by Hello -------- (0) comments Update: Images are now posted here on Image Station.

Still working on picture posting issues with Blogger and Hello in which quite a few other people are having also. Greyhawk has an excellent round up and some links I missed this morning from Fayetteville Online and protest coverage that didn't make the front page of local news. Local news gave only a few sentences to the counterdemonstrators. WRAL, WNCN and WTVD were all pathetic using the canned AP filed report. It's hard to believe all 3 major outlets in Raleigh NC used the same AP report as the only source of what happened yesterday.

The counterdemonstrators were a very good group who traveled from a far to show their support for the troops and the dislike of the anti-war crowd. See my earlier post for an on the ground write up of the days events. -------- (0) comments local station, other local coverage here and here but my guesstimate put the crowd about 1500-2000. The anti-war crowd was made of up the young misguided college set, the over the hill hippies, the handful of anarchist and some common folk who came along for the ride.

The good guys came from Free Republic, Rolling Thunder and Protest Warriors and some concerned veterans like myself. Vietnam Vets and Gulf War I Vets and other veterans and their families and families of some active duty spoke at the counter demonstration. If you were keeping score and decided that score on the number of American flags the two groups had the anti-protestors won hands down and the pictures below will prove this with out a doubt. I had two flags sticking out of my backpack and from the vast crowd of anti-war protestors I only counted two American flags. So one person was able to neutralized a whole crowd of barking, ranting, and the disrespectful anti-everything people.

There was one arrest from a Duke Univserity student who was to be a speaker named Rann Bar-On, hmm Duke again why does that university keep giving us grief locally. Sounds like we need an update over at Discover the Nework.

I listened to some of the anti-war protestors speeches over our crowd and one or two things struck me as a bit subversive at best. One comment made by a anti-war protestor was that "we need the troops here at home" not just bring the troops home but "we need the troops here at home". What was we trying to say? Did I hear it out of context? Only part of it? The main thing is that it did jump out at me as an attempt to plant a seed in the audience. What the intent of that seed was I don't know and I can only speculate. The other thing that jumped out at me was when one of the lady speakers was done she says" all of you flying back to New York tonight..." meet over there or something along those line.

It's not enough that a good percentage of these people are on the wrong side of the fight and war here at home and abroad is that these out of town blue county progessives come into our backyard and spread their filth of lies and undermining the war effort. They are here in the home town of our military families who need both of our support no matter what, but if they want to protest they should protest in Washington DC. and not here in Fayetteville.

A controversial banner was put up in the American Zone directed at Code Pink and it's leader Medea Benjamin who was there at the rally today. This is the same group who gave huge money to the other side fighting our men and women in Iraq. It became apparent that she was there today, when she walked up to the hill where the anti-protestors were and only came about 5o ft from the group before she turned back in the face of truth and opposition. The blowhorn was blaring at her and shouting at her and her group and she didn't like that very much when she got called out on it in front of her supporters. The other special guest I did not know was there today was Nick Berg's father Michael Berg and there is only so much I can say about this man and so I won't.

This is rush post and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.
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They were marking the one month assassination of Rafiq Hariri which has sparked this nationalist movement and attempt to rid their country from the dogs of the Syrian Bathist operatives.

There are plenty pictures abound on most of the popular blogs so I wont post here but what I will say is this: these pictures are raining down from the heavens to all the homes of the middle east with a satellite dish or has access to international news or the internet and that my friends is priceless. -------- (0) comments
End of note.

A total of 24 man hours consumed/wasted/learned doing what I know best, geek stuff, to figure out that somehow Saturday morning that either my week old All in One printer combo somehow either died suddenly or my computer. The task at hand to figure it out and fix it as my better half was enjoying the scanning of old pictures and making them digital to save until time ends, that's a good thing.

What I learned from this is yet again is a lesson to understand it is advisable to never never never never never to trust Windoz to tell you the truth. Why? Well because the printer software or Windoz was lieing saying all was ok and it was not. In all my years working with DOS, starting I might add back in early 1982, and all versions of Windoz, NT, ME and XP, UNIX servers etc., is that they(computers) at this point in time 2005 should be smarter than we are and tell us what the problem is and how to fix.

You see this all comes down to my 6 on board USB ports and they all were reporting ok, printer was reporting ok, but during the final step of the two where they marry and live happily ever after neither wanted to consummate. All they both did really was: Hang. Sit there. Lie. Fail but not fail.

Well, what to do? Reinstall. Uninstall. Reinstall. Uninstall. Both the USB's and the printer software to no avail. How could this be? The initial install a week ago was painless, no tweaking, no errors all went perfect. What could it be?

Let's skip the technical support website and interactive chat as that would be a whole another post by itself. Let's just skip to what we did and back running.

By another cable and another 2 port USB PCI card to install. Tried cable first and all looked well it's gonna work, thinking that somehow the cable which was new went bad or got zapped(best technial term I could come up with) during the first week, possible, but nope back to square one.
Doubt myself again and dig and dig in Event Viewer for anything, nothing there. Last hope would be to install the new 2 port USB card and prove either 1) all 6 ports went bad or 2) the software. Earlier in the saga I proved the printer was still good by directly downloading a test picture directly to the printer via the USB cable and digital camera thus proving that still good and limiting the problem to the software or PC.

That installation of the new 2 port USB card, value $32 dollars, saved me probably hundreds of dollars and down time on our main family PC, all because Windoz lied. The problem was the on board 6 USB ports and that new 2 port USB card got me back and running.

Post mortem: turning off the PC and not turning off the printer and turning the PC back on while the printer was still on somehow smoked all the onboard USB ports. Windoz lied I wasted time. -------- (0) comments invasion on our southern border. Now the ACLU is going to go an instigate something from nothing on April 1st when the Minutemen Project starts to document all the illegal border crossings occurring on our southern border.

Over on Free Republic you'll find the latest on this with responses about this very subject.

What the people are doing at the Minutemen Project, of which I have no affiliation[sad state of affairs that I feel I must type that disclaimer], is exactly what other watchdog groups across the US and the globe do and should be able to do without hindrance and intimidation: observe, document and report.

I feel that ACLU's only reason to go and do this is to find that one incident and make a story out of nothing or atleast a small incident and create a dog and pony show for their Borg and drum more support for the extreme leftwing arm of the ACLU.

What does the ACLU hope to gain here? Protect whose rights? The rights of who American's or "illegal aliens" who have no US rights the last time I checked. Now if were talking about human rights as like not being shot or beaten up when trying to cross I'm all for that, but the point is they shouldn't be there in the first place. The border/immigration/security situation on the southern border is broken. Period. This leads me to think that during the Clinton years and the way NAFTA was explained south of the border led everyday Mexicans who want a better life for themselves and their children, who can blame them, to believe: it's all ok come on up, no problem at all, no checks, no documenation needed to prove who you are.

The ACLU serves just as much a function as the Mintuemen Project. Now who is going to watch ACLU? We are and there are plenty of us watching. -------- (0) comments Danny Boy lyrics

Oh Danny boy, the blogs, the blogs are calling
From east to west and across the digital hill side
The elections gone and all the dems are crying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bye

But don't come ye back when the elections in '08
Or when the blogs multiply and expose what you sow
And I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow(s)
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy I loathe you so

But if he come and all the dems are crying
And I am read, as read I well may be
He'll come here and find the place where I am lieing
And kneel and say an ava there for the blogs

And I shall see, the soft "th" tread above me
And then my blog will be richer, sweeter be
For you will bend and tell me that you respect me
And I shall rest in peace when you say to me "I lied" -------- (0) comments
My earlier post I tried to give the impression and sincerity over the death Nicola Calipari when this was first reported Friday afternoon and Friday night and that still stands. Nobody wants to loose anyone to friendly fire or a good agent in the field. I'm sure he knew the risk as he had done this kind of op before.

This whole episode reeks of a flim-flam from her abduction to the tape of her recording to the Italian President and people for the withdrawl of Italian troops from Iraq, to her release whether with a ransom paid or not to the death of the Italian agent during the rescue.

I played the conspiratorist on one message board and wondered where the money went:

1. Iraqi insurgents
2. War profiteer
3. Foreign Terrorist
4. Local Criminals out for a buck
5. None of the above.

I'm still going with number 5. None of the above. Why? They would be killing multiple birds with one stone with the withdrawl of Italian troops, exposure for the communist newspaper and movement, show that journalist are in deed "targeted" by the US military and make the US look bad, make some money and write a book and live happily ever after. Now the death of the Italian agent did not fall into "their" plan but it did come out because of the abduction/ransom/release and it is what made the story. Other blogs have called this "catch and release" and I tend to agree.

However, I'm taking this story a step further with number 5 above and say that somehow Silvio Berlusconi's opposition in Italy ends up with the money along with a slice for the kidnappers in Iraq, whoever they are. It's a stretch I know but it would round out this whole story if you were writing a 21st century espionage novel that is and this would close out the loop on this one quite well and with a rather dramatic ending I might add. -------- (0) comments
I found an Italian blog here who had recent commeents about this and I sent our sympathy and how sorry we are that this happened. So if you'd like to send them a word feel free.

I used Bablefish to do the translation so I hope it came across correctly. Not sure why I did this besides it being the right thing to do in my mind anyway. -------- (0) comments yourself.

HT: Family Friend -------- (0) comments Jenny:

bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you. -------- (0) comments
Imagine, 150 or 200 million more human beings able to collectively choose their own path and place in the world all without firing a single shot. Amazing.

Some do not feel that way, the use of force will never be justified, ever. They would bow down to the enemy and let them overrun the whole world and then complain when it comes to our shores that we did not do enough to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

The groups are many, Codepink and United for Peace and Justice are two that stand out. Let's take a look at the women first as women should always come first, but in another time and place that may not be so, they aim to stop the war by holding pathetic anti-war protests in San Diego and Fayetteville North Carolina on March 19th. I won't give them the satisfaction of linking to their websites.

These women of Codepink would not have a say in the world ever if it were not for men and women who give them and paid their lives for them to hold such protest under the disguise of anti-war protest to challenge corporate America and for that matter the world. You see they are not just anti-war protesters, they are anti-everything people they set up their anti-everything websites and form umbrella movements to hide and synergize their true purposes. What they do want? They want the power and prestige for themselves and to feel significant in a world they can not control and want for themselves. Yes. Power.

There are young punk kids who are anti-globalisationist who setup anti-war websites and say they are doing acts of civil disobedience. For what? For who? Themselves? This wasted effort would better serve the men and women and children of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in the promotion of democracy which by design keeps the peace among it's members and hinders the development of extremist the world over.

Let me end this post by saying, I have been on foreign shores and have seen the plight of peoples from central America, Europe, Africa and the middle east and democracy there is our best hope for our future and peace there and here at home. -------- (0) comments
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