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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 2/15/2005 08:58:00 PM ----- BODY: Are you having trouble in college? Do you feel nobody is looking out for you? Do you have a complaint and do not know where to go? Are professors giving you a hard time because of your political beliefs? Or is your college or university suppressing your free speech?

You are not alone and there are resources availabe to you. If you would like more information and help with any issues please take the time to review Students for Academic Freedom. From here you can read about the latest happenings and check on chapters in your area that provide support when dealing with college and univserity issues.

Our colleges and universities should not condone or support radical hate professors whose only goals are to sow seeds of hate and spew their twisted view of the world.

To see what your California Tax dollars do for your students higher education at UCLA. This is from a UCLA website. Scroll down to see 4 More Years a spinoff of JibJab. This is one of the professors official Webpage telling them to go view his BlogLeft blog. This is what SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED, you should teach not brainwash our kids. We are watching and taking note of your behavior.

If you have students there and would like to contact the dean here you go:

Aimée Dorr

Dean, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Psychological Studies in Education

2320 Moore Hall -- (310) 825-1838 --

Ph.D., Psychology, Stanford University, 1970

Update: HT Rantburg. Some how I missed this today but David Horowitz started a new website today. A Guide to the Political Left can be found here.

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