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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 2/12/2005 12:49:00 PM ----- BODY: The past 24 hours have seen a whirlwind of information, updates and posts across the blogsphere with some of the MSM finally picking up the story Wed and Thursday. Than at the end of the day on Friday the shoe dropped and Eason Jordan resigned.

As many bloggers are pointing out that Mr. Jordan's resigning was not the only objective in all of this but it was to see the videotape or transcript at the WEF conference in Davos where these comments were made. We all want to see the full context of the comments and exchanges between the panel the reaction of the audience etc.

Please continue to read the whole story and more background information on Eason Jordans past from Michelle Malkin, Cpts Quarters, La Shawn Barber, Powerline, LGF, Sisyphean Musings and Easongate.

While everyone writes and dissects this we should keep in mind that this was not done out of revenge or a show of force by the blogsphere it was done for the "truth" and the respect it deserves. --------
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