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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/24/2005 06:10:00 PM ----- BODY: We can only hope that this is a good, no, a great remake film. I've been able to find two of H G Wells Novels, this one War of the Worlds US Edition 1898 first US edition, although the UK Edition precedes this one according to some on sources. Plus I have another H G Wells classic, Tales of Space of Time (which is the source for the movie Time Machine)1899 US first edition in maroon boards which is apparently one of the harder copies to find with the errata slip on page 109. I'll have to make some digital pictures to post and show them off. There pretty "good" samples according to the Ray frugality guide. I'll have to get around and make a full digital catalogue of all my books, shouldn't take to long only have about 50 or 75 works worth all that work. --------
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