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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/23/2005 01:21:00 PM ----- BODY: Sunday mid-day and what to read or watch or do. Have done some light reading today at all my popular spots. Much conversation about the blogging conference and Sisyphean Musings has very well laid out essay, and I mean essay, about the currents rumblings of the blogspere and the conference and "the purpose" there of.

What I have been trying to do this with this blog is to try and find my "voice" and "publish" my voice for like minded and the not so like minded people. Why have I started blogging? I have failed to answer this at the beginning, so let me put it as plainly as I can for clarity and position:

Since 9/11 and the GWoT(clarification pending) and the war in Afghanistan and now Iraq I have felt a need to do what I can to support our country and our men and women in harms way. We were told this would be not easy, short and would have it's up and downs and the fronts would be many, including the blogsphere.

What bothers me most is the argument for or against the war in Iraq, whether there were WMD's etc. While we have all come to the realization that Saddam's deception was good and had all Western Intelligence agency's fooled into believing he had them at all. Or is it that we have not found them or they were taken out of the country is of importance but this was NOT the ONLY reason for removing Saddam from power and you only need to go look at history and all the past UN resolution violations and Sadam's proven links to support terrorist in the form of paying suicide bombers in Israel.

The steady rythmatic drum beat of failure, doom, anarchy by some in my country does not support or help the men and women on the ground or the Iraq people trying to quell the violence from the barbaric animals that have gathered. While Pres Bush, said "Bring them on" he was right and now says the choice of words could have been better, I don't think so.

This drum beat continues and the orchestration that is coming from all levels opposed to the war is what has me concerned. What they fail to see is that what they DO, SPEAK, PUBLISH, SHOW ON VIDEO gives more support to our enemies than what they receive in the Middle East from their own people and press. The terrorist are playing off our own news media and using that information against us(Art of War). Here is a thought provoking question: What would Iraq look like right now if all those opposed, albeit still having a small few opposed, were supporting our men and women and the people of Iraq 100%. Would that not send a single loud thundering voice to the terrorist and the Bathist, Syrians and Iranians supporters that we will not back down? Would this not speed up or lessen the human toll on all sides for a speedy conclusion to the war? Would this let not let our men and women no matter what they do, within the rules of war, that we support them and will not provide comfort and moral support to our enemies?

This is what bothers me above all.

What I have been trying to do of late when posting is to go out on the wild wild west of the web and find stories and reports that interest me and right about them in my own style, if there is one, and before going to read what other popular blogs right about for that day or choose to right about or notice. It's interesting to see that still most of the blogs use the major outlets ala Reuters, AP, YAHOO, CNN etc etc as a starting point for a topic of the day which will keep us limited on what to write about or dissect or attack. Now there are other blogs out there that do a great job and go out of there way to find the obscure, under reported, foreign news that provides us with very good topics on which to write and share with the blogsphere and goes un-reported. --------
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