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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/25/2005 05:14:00 PM ----- BODY: Wow. One of the knights of the left guard is trying to rally his armies from all the far flung provinces back to the castle to defend the MSM monarchy. This escalation of words furthers all the bloggers points that the monarchy is in complete turmoil and not sure of direction and they need to choose a new king since their current king has been banished from the kingdom in disgrace. (we all get this last part right?)

I guess Ted is trying to drum support for this months Turner Classic Movies channel theme which is? you guessed right. Hollywood Takes on the Nazis. Un(#@$)@#$)believable.

Well I guess they just dont get it yet Ted. You tried all that you could, with all their might, with every trick in the book, with every false accusation, and could not, I repeat could not, bring down the president of the United States during a time of war. They used their own resources, they used our enemies information against us, they made up information and banged on the drum non stop for months and months on end to no avail.

If this was his futile and pathetic attempt to speak in *spit* Moore *spit* speak, to gain market share back he has lost grasp of recent history and still has not realized the fact that the throne has been over thrown. Your freedom of speech sir, is precious and not free and you have said things now that you can not take back, recant etc. ever.

UPDATE: Link to Broadcasting Cable with more information.
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