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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/27/2005 04:20:00 PM ----- BODY: The real horror of the war in Iraq is that is not being covered fairly to our men and women in uniform and to the Iraqi people. The MSM in this country must have attended the same school of dis-information and denial as Saeed al-Sahaf (Baghdad Bob). today has done a commentary on this with provided front page covers from a few papers showing their lack of reporting and bias or better yet their lack of will to provide hope for the Iraq people that the American public is concerned, involved and supportive of this historic day.

With one working day left and it being Friday I dont expect a major splash of coverage tomorrow but the blogsphere will continue to point out where to go and find more information to follow the elections like the following blogs:

Friends of Democracy
Iraqi Election Newswire
Iraqi Bloggers Central
Iraq the Model --------
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