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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/28/2005 11:54:00 PM ----- BODY: As I sit here on a Friday night listening to a re-broadcast of an early news show, adult beverage in hand, I started scanning the web as usual to see what is new and found a gem.

This is an article from the Slate, which in my mind could easily be called the state(if you get this one let me know)...

"A report predicts that American global dominance could end in 15 years."By Fred Kaplan

"Who will be the first politician brave enough to declare publicly that the United States is a declining power and that America's leaders must urgently discuss what to do about it? This prognosis of decline comes not (or not only) from leftist scribes rooting for imperialism's downfall, but from the National Intelligence Council—the "center of strategic thinking" inside the U.S. intelligence community."

Note, the very same agency that is getting "reorganized". Now I haven't gone to see the report but I have seen the modest coverage also on some other blogs and MSM but the basic jist is covered in the artice by Kaplan. Will we still have "global" dominance in 15 years? Does that matter?

What matters more right now is the EU and the US coming to terms of our common enemies and kissing/making up with our trans-atlantic brothers and sisters.

What fuels this and what has taken the US off our kilter in the world view, Iraq of course. Not that is going bad or good it's just that we have decided to set our own course and will not let gathering threats emerge, no it is this global battle in the press and local media in each respective country which has been riddled with so many anti-American reporters, editors and publishers but Why?

Why is this? My interpertation and comes down to something basic, security and protection. Everyone wants to feel secure basic and simple. Oh, the security card. Yes. It seems that most in the world want to put their heads in the sand and want to make 9/11 go away as if it never happened. Everybody wants to go back to 9/10 and live happily ever after. They do not want to see the images of war on their TV's everynight and the damage and human loss.

Nobody can blame them. We all wish it never happened but it did and we must live with it and our actions and our response. The world acted as one after 9/11 and the "civilized" world came to our side to stand with people of peace. Yes, we are people of peace irregardless of our movies, video games and bad apples like there are everywhere.

The opposition to the war in Iraq mostly came from the EU and our trans-atlantic brothers and sisters. Why? They did not want leave their comfort and security which was somewhat restored after the war in Afghanistan which was carried out as probably one of the most affective campaigns in modern military warfare.

Leaving your "comfort zone" and security for sacrafice is hard on all of us, as we do not like it any more than you do, but who will take a stand? Will it be just up to the US as always to protect liberty and freedom? We may have too. Pres. Bush was right to say "We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world."

My question and challenge to you is this: Will you stand for your freedom and liberty?

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