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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/14/2005 11:26:00 PM ----- BODY: This is "proof" real "proof" that the Iraqi people understand what is going in their country and STANDING UP to fight against the evil cancer.

"These individuals felt safe enough to come here and obviously safe enough to become Iraqi policemen," U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Matt Sasse

Does the AP report this? If you visit their AP Breaking News for today 01/14 at 8:19PM and 10:48PM they run the same story which if you dig you will discover that it would take multiple clicks to find this information and piece together their "insurgent" score card which they call A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

It took me only about 3 clicks to find, paste the above story about Iraqi's standing up for themselves and joining the fight for their country and democracy but if you look at AP it must have easily taken them about a dozen clicks and much more effort to further their agenda. --------
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