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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/13/2005 06:03:00 PM ----- BODY: Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books

This site is great for those of you looking for out of print, first edition and/or rare books. It does a multiple listing search and if you have some old books in a box in the attic, cellar or garage (shame on you first off) pull them out dust them off and start plugging away and finding out their $value$ you may be pleasantly surprised.

Collecting old books can start at any time I've been lucky to find some good finds through flea markets, garage sales etc. Some of my collection includes:

H G Wells
Anne Rice
Tom Clancy
Robert Ludlum
Christine Weston
Virginia Rowans
Irving Wallace
John Fowles
Leon Uris
Rev J S Watson
Albert Meras
Anthony Hope
Zane Grey
Marion Polk Angellotti

Most are from the 20th century with some from the 19th century, with my oldest being before the Civil War. I try to be frugal when I make my selections and choose good quality copies and always on the hunt for first editions. If you have any interest in any of these authors and titles drop me a quick note if you'd just like more information. --------
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