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AUTHOR: Ray DATE: 1/31/2005 07:42:00 PM ----- BODY: Oh my gosh. If I lived a 1000 years I would never ever want to see something like this happen. Then again, they could go public, all the short selling pros take this puppy down to penny stock status and we all get a great laugh. Or could they be bought by any major media outlet? Al-Reuters Al-AP come to mind and their editiorial staffs would fit right into together. That's a horrible thought. Ssssshhh.

Or maybe just maybe we're that diabolical that we have secretly taken over Al-Jazeera and have massed the masses in the middle east to keep tunning in, salivatating for more and more doom and gloom, then BAM, the switch gets turned in world domination central and Al-Jazeera starts a pro-western stance. Nah, that's way to dreamy.

Al-Jazeera getting kicked out of Iraq was probably one of the major highlights of 2004 and could have played a major role in making the Iraq elections successful.

Why my distaste you ask. Check out this story from Baghdad Dweller outing an Al-Jazeera idiot with some very inflammatory remarks and some proof on where the idiot came from. Go check it out you'll be impressed with her kung-fu it pretty good.
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